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  • I need an urgent delivery, what should I do?

    We don’t recommend leaving your work to the last minute in email marketing business. Anyway, if you need an urgent delivery, follow the steps below:

    1) Create an account on the website.

    2) According to the desired capacity of your database and monthly delivery volume, purchase a delivery plan and package online over the platform.

  • Do you design newsletters?

    Yes, We create the most appropriate newsletter design and HTML coding for your company with out a mistake and mobile compatible. Source can be sent to you after the design and HTML coding. If you wish you can receive detailed information.

  • What is monthly plan? For whom is it appropriate?

    It is a choice for companies that delivers email periodically in a pattern.

  • What is credit system? Who should prefer it?

    It is a system with a price policy according to the number of emails that you will send.

    In this package, there is no limitation for member lists. Valid for 1 year after purchase. After one year, unused credits become invalid.

    It is suggested for companies that do not send periodic emails of prefer sending a few emails in a year.

  • Am I obliged to make payment every month in monthly plans?

    No, during the months, that you did not make payment for, you can reach your panel but cannot send emails. Moreover, you are required to renew your agreement as you did not make regular payments. You have to pay the entrance fee again and every time you renew the agreement the entrance fee must be paid.

  • What is fair delivery quota?

    Fair delivery quota is the maximum email limit that you can use for sending emails to your member list in a month. It is the number of member lists times monthly delivery limit.

  • Do you offer technical service about creating content?

    If you don’t have a technical knowledge about the creation of the content that you will send, you can get help from us for a fee. For detailed information, contact us.

  • Do you guarantee not to run into SPAM after email deliveries?

    Giving that guarantee is actually against the nature of the job. Inbox ratio is directly proportional to the quality of your mail list. If you haven’t made deliveries to your subscribers in a correct way, don’t expect high inbox rate for your first deliveries. A lot of factors like SPAM complaints, bounce rates, opening and clicking rates directly affect your inbox rate. Continuously email sending companies make these cleanings automatically and therefore each of their deliveries is better with respect to the previous one. Thus, their inbox rate can considerably get better. Inbox Mail clears SPAM complaints and bounce emails automatically; so your reputation to send emails is kept at high levels.

  • Can we define our own sender information?

    Yes, you can define how you want the recipient to see sender name, sender email address and respond email address of the emails you sent.

  • Do you have support about the technical issues?

    You can send any inquiry that makes you confused through our support system anytime. Support requests are responded in at least 15 minutes and at most 6 hours.

  • Can I refund any delivery package that I purchased at any time?

    You can get refund for a package that you purchased as a monthly plan or from credit system in 7 days provided that you have never used it. After 7 days, refund process is not possible.