Entegrasyon Hizmetleri

Integration Services

Integration Services

INBOX marketing platform offers a smooth integration owing to its open data architecture.

Thanks to the easy-to-use tools in the system, you can transfer data between INBOX and your own systems, as well as from third-party applications.

Either you need to integrate between many applications or to launch your first integration, INBOX’s data integration experts will help you through integrating your corporate software to that of INBOX’s and you will better manage your e-marketing.

  • Simple web integration (API)

    INBOX API application provides access to standard data and content. Therefore, bi-directional data transfers, campaign and application developments and integration projects can be personalized based on your needs.

  • db2db integration

    With this more advanced integration model, CRM system is integrated to Inbox via an intermediate database and services which run on that database.
    CRM integration: If you have data on salesforce.com, Unica or Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can use them with INBOX and create a closed-cycle marketing medium.
    Analytics integration: The best way to have up-to-date, personalized and on-time communication with your clients is combining e-marketing with web analysis. INBOX offers integration with main service suppliers; such as Adobe Analytics, WebTrends and Google analytics.

  • Datawarehouse Integration (ftp/sftp integration)

    This is an integration methodology INBOX offers for clients with large databases who want fast uploads.

    - Data Warehouse integration makes it possible to upload 1 million email address to the system within 5 minutes.
    - Data can be uploaded as different tables and bound to different campaigns.
    - In this module, account manager puts the data to the SFTP area provided by Inbox as a ZIP file, Inbox extracts this ZIP file and uploads it as a “table list” to the system in a short period of time.