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Main Services

Main Services

INBOX offers an exclusive platform for the management for all your data and campaigns over a simple interface. It is a self-service platform; however, you can turn to us for help at any stage of your experience, from designing a newsletter to deliverability.

  • Self Service

    On a self-service experience, you can use INBOX to its fullest and get the best results in e-mail marketing. All the basic and technical information on how to use INBOX are provided via instructive videos and in-program guidance. Further support can be obtained from our Customer Services by phone or via e-mail anytime.

  • Account Management Service

    INBOX has an account management team for the clients who want to start e-mail marketing with a professional assistance. With this service, our professional account managers carry out your campaigns. You can choose among a variety of newsletter templates from the library or order a unique design for the campaigns. The managers take care of the whole process.

    Services provided in this plan:

    • The creation of the first template
    • HTML cut and optimization
    • Live tracking of the campaigns
    • Personalized applications for the organization of campaigns

    This service saves you time and minimize the margin of error in your campaigns. Also, it enables you to use the newest applications and modules in your e-mail marketing.

  • Tailor-made account management services

    INBOX dedicates a private account manager for its clients using this service.
    All permission-based and social media campaigns are handled by this private account manager.
    Adding to the services provided under account management services, strategic planning, creative design and consulting services are offered with this plan.

    Services provided:

    • Management of all the campaigns
    • Developing data collection strategies
    • Consulting on client life-cycles
    • Creating “welcome” e-mail scenarios
    • Special planning for client activation
    • Developing strategies towards passive subscribers
    • Developing strategies to minimize unsubscriptions
    • Data cleaning and optimization
    • Multi-channel campaign management
    • Taking new actions for new trends in the market